I am Mai Ali. I work as Infrastructure Consultant for BlueCloud, I Worked before as Senior Infrastructure Consultant for Ingazat Information Technology and System& Network Engineer for Fayek Factory.

I’ve been working within the Microsoft product space for about 5 years now and working mainly with System Center Family, Lync, Exchange and Windows Server. I am passionate about System Center, UC, Symantec and spend of my time working with them. Previous lives have included FIM, SQL, Cisco routing, switching and ISA/TMG. I’ve worked in a myriad of roles from engineering, administrative, and consultant for many projects.

Recently, As of April 01, 2015, I have been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management for the year 2015!


  1. Messaging and Collaboration Infrastructure (Exchange 2013/2010/2007/2003, OCS 2007 R2 , Lync Server 2013/2010)
  2. Management Solutions (SCCM, SCOM, SCVMM, SCDPM)
  3. Virtualization Solutions (Xenapp, Hyper-V, Xendesktop, VMware ESX 3.5,XenServer, VMware vSphere 4.0., VDI)
  4. Security & Identity Management ( ISA 2004/2006 , TMG 2010 , FCS , FEP 2010, FIM 2010,Symantec EndPoint )
  5. Networking Infrastructure(Switches and routers)
  6. Private Cloud & Office 365
  7. System (Red hat 5.5, Linux Fedora, Sun Solaris 11)
  8. Backup (Symantec Backup Exec,DLO ,SCDPM)

14 Responses to About

  1. Ahmed Bakr says:

    Hi There

    Can I get some help from you, I just need some guidance in couple things related to my career

    Thanks for your time,
    Ahmed Bakr

  2. Mai Ali says:

    Hi Ahmed,
    Sure, What are those couple things?

  3. Ahmed Bakr says:

    I had been working With windows server, Exchange and SharePoint for past few years I did really good job on deploying small/medium size business solutions and teaching the main concepts of these products

    I started to have troubles when I tried to apply for a job at Enterprise companies
    I found out I am missing wide range of skills such as [ITIL – MOF] and management products integration like System center

    Through continuous searching I found out good reference for ITIL which is Sybex book for ITIL foundation but I hadn’t found any guidance approaching MOF except downloading the Core word files

    So to make my first request simple – how much depth in knowledge I am supposed to be able to show a – are there Important chapters at the ITIL/MOF I should heavily focus on

    My other sticky point is lack of knowledge using wide management products like System center

    So I started recently studying SCCM videos and the book “SCCM 2012 unleashed ”

    But for other system center products I am unable to find any good resource to follow so I want here a recommendation that is country wise 🙂

    Finally, I got many questions at my interviews about troubleshooting tickets is this covered well in Service Manager or I will need extra resources

    I know this is too much requests and I don’t wanna be as Headache so I am getting Email notifications for this and you just answer at any time that’s appropriate for you

    Thank you

  4. Mai Ali says:

    For ITIL and MOF, it’s important only ITIL if you want to work in operation like Bank or Communication company like Vodafone and so on. The basic Knowledge that you need to have in ITIL and recommended after finish to take certificate. but MOF it’s optional. But if you worked as services solution company or vendor, it won’t be important to took those courses. And you can take those courses after rebuilding yourself Technical.

    And you need to determine if you want to be Technical or Management if you want to be Technical you will need to focus in Technical Skills and it will be better if you have basic info of ITIL but if you think about Management role, in this case you will need to be focus depth in ITIL, MOF, PMP, and so on.

    For System center products, It’s important management product for Microsoft. if you want reference to system center products like services Manager or Orchestrator, SCOM, SCVMM and App. controller, you won’t find individual resource like SCCM because Microsoft do those product for private cloud. you will find it under Microsoft private cloud course.
    Here’s link for Videos and Pdf resources
    Also you can check gallery of Microsoft which experts people upload simple books and installation guide on it. and you can find on Microsoft Gallery simple ebook for each product

    If you have any point didn’t clarify or any question, feel free to contact me.
    Welcome at any time.

    • Ahmed Bakr says:

      Thanks for your mentoring, I found it very helpful
      I have more clarity now on my learning path
      Thanks again

  5. Hi Mai

    I am Mustafa EL-masry Principal Database Administratorâ– DB Analystâ– Authorâ– Founder of MostafaElmasry.wordpress.com i see your Profile on MVP website and I am very impressed about your activity and your certificate you doing very wonderfull job i need to send to you some inquiers the subject of it related to ( MVP , WordPress , books )
    So if you accept please share with me your Email to can send to you one email by all my inquiers
    you can send to me on my Email if you don,t need to share your mail here in the commecnt
    My Email :Eng.Mostafa_Elmasry@WindowsLive.Com , SQLGULF-dbconsultant@outlook.com
    Waiting your nice reply and your mail

    • Mai Ali says:

      Sorry for delay in reply but i was so busy. you didn’t need to have my mail. you send your request by sending to me on twitter or on linkedin

  6. Hi Mai Ali,
    the URL (resp. the thread number “1952”?) of your blog: “Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Step By Step eBook (pdf)” does not work.
    Thanks, HB.

  7. Yes, it works now.
    I thought, it was, because I logged in to WordPress now …

  8. Mohammad Khalid says:

    Dear Mai Ali,

    Hope you are doing good !!

    Could you please send me the Complete prerequisite of Intune configuration.

    Following Prerequisite require.

    – Intune integration with Active Directory
    – Intune integration with Sharepoint
    – Intune HA Configuration
    – Firewall/Port/ Service Account Priviledge

    Thanks in advance


    • Mai Ali says:

      Dear Khalid,

      Have a good Day! kindly find my answers below:
      1- Integrate with AD. Just you need to sync users from On-premises to tenant using ADConnect.
      2- For integration between SharePoint online & Intune, it’s already exist by default. just you need to configure CA policy & MAM Policy for it on Intune Portal. for SharePoint On-premises, Intune policy ” MAM or CA” don’t support SharePoint On-premises.
      3- Intune isn’t On-premise Solution to need to have HA Configuration. Everything is configured on cloud.
      4- Firewall & ports, you will need it if you will mobile device connected to Intune from Internal network. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/get-started/network-infrastructure-requirements-for-microsoft-intune

  9. Allen Morrow says:

    I am curious if you know whether Intune is going to continue developing agent management of pre Windows 10 OS especially Window 7 or if it is something that is going to be dropped relatively soon? I have an onprem AD with mostly Win 7 systems but a few Win 10 systems. We are using Office365 and Intune. Since Intune moved to Azure, the agent management of pre Win 10 cant be seen except using the classic portal.

    • Mai Ali says:

      Hello Allen,
      PC management should continue manage from classic portal but you will need to push update agent. So that try to download agent again and reinstall on one of your PC. You should find that you will be able to manage it again.

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