Import a Wi-Fi configuration profile (Windows 8.1 and later only)

Use the Windows Wi-Fi Import Policy to import a set of Wi-Fi settings that you can then deploy to the required user or device groups.

  1. Open Cmd and run “netsh wlan export profile Dlink_DWR”
  2. 287

  3. In the Microsoft Intune administration console, click Policy > Add Policy.
  4. 288

  5. Configure a policy of the type Windows > Windows Wi-Fi Import Policy.
  6. 289

  7. Specify the following general values for the Windows Wi-Fi Import Policy, Type Name “Wi-Fi Profile for Windows
  8. 290

  9. Specify the following values under the Custom Wi-Fi Profile heading: Select Import
  10. 291

  11. When you are finished, click Save Policy.
  12. 292

  13. Click yes
  14. 293

  15. Select a group to apply the policy to “Test Group” and Click on Add
  16. 294

  17. Click on OK
  18. 295

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