Help users connect to company networks using Wi-Fi profiles

These steps will help you deploy a Wi-Fi profile for Android devices.

  1. From the Intune Portal, click on Policy > Configuration Policies and Click on Add
  2. 279

  3. Click on Wi-Fi Profile (Android 4 and later) Then Click on Create Policy
  4. 280

  5. Type a name for the policy “Wi-Fi Profile for Android
  6. 281

  7. Type Network name “OfficeMaadi” and SSID “OfficeMaadi”. Both Network name and SSID must be matched.
  8. 282

  9. Select “Connect automatically when this network is in range” & “Connect when the network is not broadcasting its name (SSID)”
  10. Select EAP Type “PEAP” and type Enable Identity Privacy “PEAP” Then Click on Save Policy
  11. 283

  12. Click on Yes
  13. 284

  14. Select a group to apply the policy to “Test Group” and Click on Add
  15. 285

  16. Click on OK
  17. 286

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