Control Applications using Mobile Application Management Policies

Control applications using Mobile Application management (MAM) policies

  1. From the Intune Portal, click on Policy > Configuration Policies and Click on Add
  2. 243

  3. Select Software Then Select Mobile Application Management (iOS 7.1 and later)
  4. 244

  5. Select Create a Custom Policy and Click on Create Policy
  6. 245

  7. Type the name of the policy “ Policy for iOS
  8. 246

  9. Customize your policy
  10. 247

  11. Click on Save Policy
  12. 248

  13. Click on APPS > Click on Apps, select your managed app “Microsoft word for iOS” and Click on Manage Deployment
  14. 249

  15. Select your group “Test Group” and Click on Add then Click on Next
  16. 250

  17. Select the Approval option “Required Install” and Click on Next
  18. 251

  19. Select the App Management Policy
  20. 252

  21. Click on Next, then Next again and Finish
  22. 253

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