Configuring a Computer for Agentless Management

To configure Windows-based computers for Agentless management

  1. Log on to the Operations console with OMAdmin account that is a member of the Operations Manager Administrators role > Click Administration.
  2. At the bottom of the navigation pane, click Discovery Wizard.
  3. 20

  4. On the Discovery Type page, click Windows computers.
  5. 21

  6. In the Computer and Device Classes list, select Servers Only.
  7. In the Management Server list, click the management server <OM.Mlab.local> then Click Next.
  8. 22

  9. On the Discovery Method page, you can locate the computers that you want to manage by either scanning or browsing Active Directory Domain Services or typing the computer names.
  10. 23

  11. Click Discover to display the Discovery Progress page. The time it takes discovery to finish depends on many factors, such as the criteria specified and the configuration of the IT environment. If a large number (100 or more) of computers are being discovered or agents are being installed, the Operations console will not be usable during discovery and agent installation.
  12. 24

    Computers that are already managed by the management group will not be returned by the wizard.

  13. On the Select Objects to Manage page, select the computers that you want to be agent-managed computers
  14. 25

  15. In the Management Mode list, click Agentless and then click Next.
  16. On the Summary page, Leave the Agent installation directory set to the default of %Program Files%\System Center Operations Manager or type an installation path.
  17. Leave Agent Action Account set to the default, Local System then Click Finish.
  18. 27

  19. In the Agent Management Task Status dialog box, the Status for each selected computer changes from Queued to Success; the computers are ready to be managed.
  20. Note
    If the task fails for a computer, click the targeted computer. The reason for the failure is displayed in the Task Output text box.

  21. Click Close. The computers will be listed in the Administration workspace in Agentless Managed.
  22. 28

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