Configure certificate templates on the certification authority

To Configure certification authority, you need to follow below steps:

  1. Create a domain user account to use as the NDES service account. You will specify this account when you configure templates on the issuing CA before you install and configure NDES.
  2. 296 297

  3. Create a new custom template or copy an existing template and then edit an existing template (like the User template), for use with NDES.
  4. 298

  5. Specify a friendly Template display name for the template “IntuneTemplate”
  6. 299

  7. On the Subject Name tab, select Supply in the request. (Security is enforced by the Intune policy module for NDES).
  8. 300

  9. On the Extensions tab, ensure the Description of Application Policies includes Client Authentication.
  10. 301

  11. On the Security tab, add the NDES service account, and give it Read and Enroll permissions to the template.
  12. 302

  13. Click Apply and OK
  14. 303

  15. Select the Certificate Templates node, click Action-> New > Certificate Template to Issue
  16. 304

  17. Select the template you created in
  18. 305

  19. Validate that the template published by viewing it under the Certificate Templates folder.
  20. 306

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