Deploy Apps to Mobile Devices using Microsoft Intune

This generally involves three steps:

  • Configure the App
  • Deploy the App
  • Monitor the App

Configure the App

In this procedure, you’ll use the Intune Software Publisher to configure the properties of the app and, where applicable, upload it to your cloud storage space.

To configure an App using External link

  1. In the Intune administration console, click the Apps icon, then click Apps > Add App. If prompted, enter your Intune credentials.
  2. 168

  3. Review the security warning and click Run.
  4. 169

  5. On the Before you begin page, click Next.
  6. 170

  7. On the Software setup page in Select how this software is made available to devices select External link.
  8. 171

  9. Enter the external link for the software in Specify the URL, and then click Next. Make sure that you preface the URL with http://. This example deploys Skype. Depending on which mobile device platform you are using for this walkthrough, you should use one of the following links:


  10. On the Software description page, provide the information that you want users to see in the company portal for the software, and then click Next. The following settings are available (this example refers to Microsoft Lync):
  11. 173174

  12. On the Summary page, verify the software information, and then click Upload. Click Close to exit the wizard.
  13. 175176

Deploy the App

In this procedure, you’ll deploy the app to selected devices or users.

To deploy the App

  1. In the Intune administration console, click Apps > Apps > Skype > Manage Deployment.
  2. 177

  3. On the Select Groups page, select Test Users to deploy the software to that user group, and then click Add > Next.
  4. 178

  5. On the Deployment Action page, select Available Install from the Approval column for your group.
  6. 179

  7. Click Finish.
  8. 180

Monitor the app

You can see the apps you manage, and their deployment status in the Intune console.

To view the Apps, you manage and their status

In the Apps workspace, click the Apps node.


The list of apps you manage will be displayed. You can click on any app to see an installation status in the lower pane of the console windows. Click the status to see more details. For example, if the status shows 6 user has this software available, you can click the message to see the name of the user.

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