Configure an App using Managed iOS App

To configure an App using Managed iOS App

  1. In the Intune administration console, click the Apps icon, then click Apps > Add App. If prompted, enter your Intune credentials.
  2. 182

  3. Review the security warning and click Run.
  4. 183

  5. On the Before you begin page, click Next.
  6. 184

  7. On the Software setup page in Select how this software is made available to devices select Managed iOS App from App store.
  8. 186

  9. Enter the location of the software setup files, and then click Next.
  10. On the Software description page, provide the information that you want users to see in the company portal for the software, and then click Next. The following settings are available:
  11. 185187

  12. On Requirement Page, Select Any.
  13. 188

  14. On the Summary page, verify the software information, and then click Upload.
  15. 189

  16. Click Close to exit the wizard.
  17. 190

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