Configure Remote Assistance using Intune

To start Remote Assistance, you need to follow below steps

  1. From Client PC, Select Request Remote Assistance
  2. 135

  3. In the Microsoft Intune administration console, click Alerts > Remote Assistance.
  4. 136

  5. Select a Remote Assistance request in the Alerts list to open the properties page of the request.
  6. 137

  7. Click Approve request and launch Remote Assistance to open a dialog box that provides options for resolving the alert.
  8. 138

  9. Click Accept the request – To join the remote session, click Accept the Remote Assistance request.
  10. 139

  11. Click Accept Terms and Install Client
  12. 140141

  13. Click Join session
  14. 142143

  15. Type your name “IT Admin”
  16. 144

  17. On Client Pc, Remote session will be start, click on share Desktop
  18. 145

  19. Now IT Admin can view client PC
  20. 146

  21. Click Request control
  22. 147

  23. From Client PC, Accept remote session
  24. 148

  25. Now IT Admin can manage client PC remotely
  26. 149

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