How to Modify attributes Bulk of Users on Office 365

I have many users on Office 365 who need to modify their attributes on Office 365. Those users are Cloud ID. How can do that?

This is an example of user that need to change.



  1. Create CSV file with Update attributes as below
  2. CSV

  1. Open Windows PowerShell Run As Administrator, and run “Import-Module Msonline”
  2. 259

  1. Connect to office 365 using below command
  2. Connect-MsolService

    260 261

  1. Edit in below Script and write path of CSV,  and Save it .ps1. Then Run it.
  2. $input=Import-Csv C:\Userdata.csv
    foreach($line in $input)
    Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $line.UserPrincipalName -FirstName $line.FirstName -LastName $line.LastName -DisplayName $line.DisplayName -Title $line.jobTitle -City $line.City -Country $line.Country -Department $line.Department -Fax $line.Fax -MobilePhone $line.MobilePhone -Office $line.Office -PhoneNumber $line.PhoneNumber -PostalCode $line.PostalCode -State $line.State -StreetAddress $line.StreetAddress


  1. Now Check users on Office 365 portal, it should be changed.
  2. 275

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