Configure Notifications in Microsoft Intune

To create a notification based on an alert

  1. First we’ll add some email addresses to our list of possible notification recipients. In the Intune administration console, click Admin > Alerts and notifications > Select Recipients for Email Notifications.
  2. 194

  3. Click Add.
  4. 195

  5. Enter and confirm an email address for a notification recipient, then click OK. Repeat as necessary to add recipients.
  6. 196

  7. In the Intune administration console, click Alerts > Overview > and under Tasks, click Configure Notification Rules.
  8. 197

  9. Click Create New Rule.
  10. 198

  11. Complete Step 1 of the Create Notification Rule Wizard as follows:
    • Name: type “Critical Malware Alerts”.
    • Select the categories that apply: choose Endpoint Protection.
    • Select the alert severity: choose Critical.
    • Click Next.
  12. Complete Step 2 of the wizard by selecting “Test Devices PC” and then clicking Next.
  13. 199

  14. Complete Step 3 the wizard by choosing e-mail addresses that will be notified.
  15. 200

  16. Now Notification Alert is created.
  17. 201

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