Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager

This article describes the issues that are fixed in Update Rollup 4 for Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager (DPM). Additionally, this article contains the installation instructions for Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager.

Issues that are fixed in this update rollup

Data Protection Manager

The following issues are fixed in this update:

      • Item level recovery does not restore custom permissions when Microsoft SharePoint is running localized language packs.Scenario
        You try to back up SharePoint when SharePoint has various files that have custom access permission settings and is using a non-English locale for SharePoint sites. When you try to recover the files, data is recovered successfully. However, the custom permissions may be lost. This causes some users to no longer have access to the file until permissions are restored by the SharePoint administrator.
      • The DPM user interface crashes, and you receive the following error message:
        Connection to the DPM service has been lost.

        This issue occurs when you change some protection groups after you upgrade to DPM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 2 or a later version.

      • You experience issues when you try to restore a SQL Server database that has error 0x800423f4.Scenario
        You have a SQL Server database that uses multiple mount points that point to the same volume and that protect it by using DPM. When you try to recover from an existing recovery point, you receive an error message 0x800423f4.
      • An instance of SQL Server is missing when you try to create a protection group (PG).Scenario
        You have two or more instances of SQL Server on same server so that one of the database names in one instance is a substring of another name of an instance of SQL Server. For example, you have a default instance of SQL Server and another instance that is named “contosoinstance.” Then, you create a database that is named “contosoins” in the default instance of SQL Server.In this case, when you try to create or change a protection group, the “contosoinstance” SQL instance and its database do not appear in the Create Protection Group Wizard.
      • The DPM console or service crash after VMs are removed from the Hyper-V host.Scenario
        Several virtual machines on the Hyper-V host are physically removed. Then, the DPM UI crashes when you try to stop protection for these virtual machines.
      • DPM crashes with NullReferenceException.Scenario
        When you protect a SQL database by using long-term protection on tape, the SQL logs are moved to a different disk volume. When you try to make a backup for the first time after you move the logs, the DPM UI crashes. However after you restart the UI, everything works correctly.
      • Scheduled backup to tape runs on an incorrect date for quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly backups. In some cases, you see that the backup runs before the specific date.
      • The DPM UI sometimes crashes when you change a protection group that has the following error:
        Connection to the DPM service has been lost. (ID: 917)

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