System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Firewall Ports

When you install the SCVMM 2012 you can assign some of the ports that it will use for communications and file transfers between the VMM components. The default settings for the ports are listed in the following table.

Component/device connection target Default ports(s) Protocol(s) Where to change port settings
Hyper-V Host (VMM agent) 80/135/139/445 WinRM/RPC/NetBIOS/SMB (over TCP) VMM Setup Wizard
Hyper-V Host (file transfer) 443 HTTPS (using BITS)
Hyper-V Host (control channel) 5985/5986 WS-Management VMM Setup Wizard
VM Guest Agent (file transfer) 443 HTTPS (using BITS) Windows Registry
VM Guest Agent (control channel) 5985 WS-Management
VMWare ESX 3.0/3.5 Host (file transfer) 22 SFTP Windows Registry
VMWare ESXi Host (file transfer) 443 SSH/HTTPS (using BITS)
XenServer Host (control channel) 5989 HTTPS
XenServer Host (data channel) 3260 iSCSI
WSUS Server (data channel) 80/443 HTTP Windows Registry
WSUS Server (control channel) 8530/8531 HTTPS Windows Registry
SQL Server database (remote) 1433 TDS
Load Balancer 80/443 Load balancer config provider
Storage Management Service n/a WMI
VMM Administrator Console 8100, 8101 (HTTPS), 8102 (NET.TCP), 8103 (HTTP) WCF VMM Setup Wizard
Windows PE Agent 8101 (control), 8103 (time sync) WCF VMM Setup Wizard
WDS PXE Provider 8102 WCF VMM Setup Wizard
Hyper-V Host 2179 RDP (using VMConnect) VMM Administrator Console
VMWare Web Services 443 WCF VMM Administrator Console
Baseboard Management Controller 443 HTTPS (SMASH over WS-Management) On BMC device
Baseboard Management Controller 623 IPMI On BMC device

For more info., you can refer below link

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