Operating System Deployment in Configuration Manager

In this Post, I will cover Deploying Operating System using configuration Manager Server 2012 step by step. Here is an outline of what we will do:

  1. Add a WDS role on Configuration Manager server
  2. Add a DHCP scope on Domain Controller
  3. Configure Option 66 and 67 on DHCP {Option 66: FQDN OF SCCM Server,
    Option 67: smsboot\x86\wdsnbp.com}
  4. Enabled a PXE service point on Distribution Point under Configuration Manager 2012 site systems

345 346

  1. Enabled Unknown computer support


  1. Distributed both x86 and x64 Boot images to the Distribution Point
  2. In Boot file properties, under Data Source tab checked the option : “Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point “


  1. Import Capture OS Image for Windows 7
  2. Distributed O.S image to the distribution point
  3. Created a task sequence to deploy the O.S image
  4. Create Collection to deploy O.S image
  5. For new clients, Import Computer Information
  6. Assigned the task sequence to a Collection, under device collections.
  7. Power on Client PC to Start O.S Deployment

SCCM Client

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