Configure SCCM Discovery Method

To allow SCCM to discover system, users and network resources and discovery method has to be configured to discover those resources, follow the below steps to configure SCCM Discovery Method:

  1. Click on the Administration workspace, expand Overview, Hierarchy Configuration and select Discovery Methods, you will find that Heartbeat Discovery is the only Method Enabled by Default.


  1. Enable the following discovery methods
    1. Active Directory Forest Discovery.
    2. Active Directory System Discovery
    3. Active Directory Group Discovery
    4. Active Directory User Discovery
  2. Right click on Active Directory Forest Discovery and choose Properties


  1. Select “Enable Active Directory Forest Discovery” with two below options


  1. Click Apply and Select yes to run Full Discovery question


  1. Configure Active Directory System Discovery , Right click it and select Properties, the properties page will show, Select Enable Active Directory System Discovery


  1. Click on the Yellow StarBurst, then click Browse and select default Active Directory Container

03 04

  1. Select the options, Check two options “Only discover computers” and press OK


  1. Same Previous Steps, To enable Active Directory User Discovery and Active Directory Group Discovery.
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