Configure SCCM Client Installation

Follow the following steps to configure the SCCM client installation methods:

  1. In Administration, click on Site Configuration, Sites, select our site, In the ribbon above click on Settings, select Client Installation Settings then select Client Push Installation


  1. On the general screen, Select “Enable Automatic site-wide client push installation”


  1. Click on the Accounts tab, and select the yellow star, choose New Account


  1. Type “Domain\username” the Client Push account, use Client Install account which we created in Active Directory<Lab\CMAdmin>


  1. Click on Verify and type in Network Path “\\CCM\Sources” to check.


  1. Click Ok.


  1. Click on Assets and Compliance and expand Devices, All Systems, Select Exchange Server, Right click on “EX13” and click Install Client.


  1. Set Installation Options as exist in below screen

35 36

  1. After some minutes the client is installed and refresh the view, you’ll notice is says Client=Yes on “EX13” which deploy agent on it.


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