Import Management Packs from Catalog

In this post, I will cover Import Management Pack from catalog step by step. Follow below steps to Import Management Pack from catalog

  1. Log on to the computer with SCOMADMIN account that is a member of the
  2. Operations Manager Administrators role.
  3. In the Operations console, click Administration.
  4. Right-click Management Packs, and then click Import Management Packs.
  5. The Import Management Packs wizard opens. Click Add, and then click Add from catalog.


  1. In the list of management packs, select the Base Windows Operating System, click Select, and then click Add.


  1. On the Select Management Packs page, the management packs that you selected for import are listed.
  2. On yellow information icon indicates that the management pack is dependent on one or more management packs that are not in the Import list but are available in the Catalog. To add the management pack dependencies to the Import list, click Resolve in the Status column.


  1. Click Install to import Management Packs.


  1. Management Packs import successfully, then click close.


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