Deploy SCOM Agent using PowerShell

In this post, I will cover install SCOM Agent using PowerShell step by step. Follow below steps to install SCOM Agent using PowerShell

  1. Open Operation Manager Shell run as administrator
  2. Run the following cmdlet

$Agents = “Lync-FE13.lab.local”
$InstallAccount = Get-Credential
$AgentActionAccount = Get-Credential Lab\administrator
$PrimaryMgmtServer = Get-SCOMManagementserver -ComputerName OM.Lab.local
Install-SCOMAgent -DNSHostName $Agents -PrimaryManagementServer $PrimaryMgmtServer -ActionAccount $InstallAccount -AgentActionAccount $AgentActionAccount -Confirm


The script can be downloaded from here:
Install SCOM Agent remotely using PowerShell

  1.  Enter Credential of Action Account


  1. Press “Y” and wait until Agent finish installation


  1. Open Operation Manager Console to ensure that Agent deploy successfully


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